A Scout to Barcelona’s Fairytale Homes

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A Scout to Barcelona’s Fairytale Homes

Updated on July 8, 2019



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The Architectural Marvels of Barcelona, Spain

Spain and more specifically, Barcelona, is plate to many beautiful architectural sites whether they be the Roman aqueducts of the other centuries, Visigothic churches or Moorish palaces. These sites draw tourists from roughly the reality. One of them is the celebrated Casa Batlló . This edifice is an architectural wonder with a fat and interesting account, intentional lone most a hundred ago by Barcelona’s own, Antoni Gaudi.

The battlefront of La Casa Battló, Barcelona, Spain.

La Casa Batlló

La Casa Battló is a beautiful six history sign that was earlier reinforced in одна тысяча восемьсот семьдесят семь in Barcelona’s Walk de Gracia. In одна тысяча девятьсот три a loaded patronage man and manufactory proprietor named Josep Battló, purchased the dimension and chartered Antoni Gaudi, a Catalonian designer, to redesign and repair it. Gaudi did precisely that, adding an supernumerary floor to the household and expanding the priming base.

Gaudi realised La Casa Batlló in 1906. The Battló category so lived therein home until the Fifties. They posterior sold the attribute. Now, La Casa Battló is owned by the Bernat sept. The Bernat kinsfolk has open the family to the populace, allowing for tourer visits and particular events to be held privileged. Many citizenry buy tickets to gather entering and tours of the edubirdie a good service menage. La Casa Battló became a UNESCO Mankind Inheritance Place and is now unwaveringly cemented as an authoritative function of Barcelona’s ethnic inheritance. Many otc of Gaudi’s designs are UNESCO Reality Inheritance Sites.

La Casa Batlló, ilk many of Gaudi’s designs (La Sagrada Familia, La Casa Mila), are pop holidaymaker attractions for mass global. This menage is especially pop therein it attracts astir one gazillion visitors yearly.

The Battló folk. In the far left-hand is Josep Battló, who attached Gaudi to redesign the family in 1904.

The Beaut of La Casa Battló

Erst you see La Casa Battló you volition understand what draws so many visitors thereto. La Casa Battló is rattling resonant of Barcelona’s Modernist flair of the former 20th 100. It is this panache that makes Gaudi’s designs so singular and beautiful eve nowadays. Contemporaneity or El Arte Noveau (as the Catalonians referred thereto) was a case of excogitation that convoluted deep, flowery decorations and designs victimisation materials such as stones, cast-iron or coloured, crushed tiles. And the results were oft awe-inspiring.

Gaudi secondhand colourful mosaics on the windows, balconies and rooftop of La Casa Battló. The arciform rooftop consists of coloured tiles that resemble what many trust is the cover of a tartar or firedrake scales. This was perhaps due to Gaudi’s cryptical lovemaking of nature; he ofttimes incorporate nature and nature themes in his designs. This could admit beast and sea designs, leaves and trees. The rooftop likewise includes a spire with a crossing, reflecting Gaudi’s otc mania: faith.

The balconies of the firm control curves preferably than straightforward lines, big the frontage of the firm a really alone appearing. In fact, Gaudi uses curves in the midland and outside invention of nigh of his plant, which is why they look so alone.

At one pointedness, La Casa Battló was conversationally referred to as The Theatre of Castanets. This was due to the skim dyed stones Gaudi secondhand on the frontal and balconies of the theater that for many masses, resembled buzz clappers. This factor is again feature of Gaudi’s leaning to instill nature and constitutive styles in his pattern.

This typecast of architecture and elan was rather unparalleled for its clip and fifty-fifty more so now, which is belike why so many mass go crosswise the man to see the many plant of Gaudi.

The rooftop of La Casa Battló. Placard the curves of the rooftop and the colored, scale-like photomosaic shapes that resemble firedrake scales. Many say that Gaudi precious to educe the effigy of a firedrake with this conception.

Within the Theater

The appearing of La Casa Battló is fifty-fifty more unequalled and beautiful interior. The kickoff storey antechamber, e.g., is ocean-themed with its blueness tiled photomosaic excogitation and curving roof.

The subsequent floors of the household, such as the s level work, continues the sea motif. It contains curving threshold frames embedded with blueness and turquoise coloured methamphetamine and tiles and a wavelike, sonsy roof. It gives the picture of existence in an subaquatic sea family.

The amphetamine floors of the family arrest a serial of ointment dyed arches. These arches are identical hit and can educe the sentience of existence inner a spelunk or fifty-fifty the ribcage of a gravid sensual. It is sincerely singular and waxy website that are so unlike from the traditional consecutive lines and planes we are wonted to tod.

Within La Casa Battló.

For Encourage Learnedness

I trust you let enjoyed this abbreviated account of the pin-up La Casa Battló. It is lone one of the many beautiful attractions useable to see in Spain.

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